Okay, I'll check out your new post.

But by way of encouragement, I saw your site in the wee hours of the morning, when you had all the files in place. So you're 90% there. Or were. Go ahead and put the files back that you took down, and we'll see what we can do about adjusting that image size you mentioned.

Don't give up, Mike. There's really not that much to it. It may seem so, but that's only because it's new to you. :-)

Currently, you're 404...

You are also missing your javascript file swfobject.js .

You should place it in the same folder as vision.html.

Okay, I found the viewer.swf here:


Try changing your location to--

var fo = new SWFObject("./web/viewer.swf", "viewer", "600", "600", "7", "#181818"); 

By the way, nice guitar pix. I play a 12-string Martin and am partial to axe shots. :-)

Hi Mike,

I went to your page. Where's your viewer.swf located? It's not in the root directory, but that's where you're referencing it, unfortunately...

<script type="text/javascript">          
  var fo = new SWFObject&#40;"viewer.swf", "viewer", "600", "600", "7", "#181818"&#41;;

You'll need to specify the path to your flash file. Right now, your page is being told to get it from a place where it does not exist.

Yes you can.

I used SV Pro for a client's restaurant website, FlyingTigerChinese.com. The "Tour" menu invokes the viewer. You can see it displays in a custom 750 x 330 pixel area.

Thank you, Raymond. I'm certain this will help others.

There's always a solution. 8)

Mine is here:
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … php?t=1674


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To achieve a continuously looping slideshow effect using the changes above, you'll need to edit the ImageArea.as file.

Find the private function onClickNext() at about line 235, which is

private function onClickNext&#40;&#41;&#58;Void&#123;        
    mThumbArea.selectedThumbIndex ++;    

and change it to

private function onClickNext&#40;&#41;&#58;Void&#123;        
    if &#40; mThumbArea.selectedThumbIndex != &#40; mXMLManager.imageCount - 1 &#41;&#41; &#123;
        mThumbArea.selectedThumbIndex ++;    
    &#125; else &#123;
        mThumbArea.selectedThumbIndex = 0;

The effect of these changes is--
1) A slideshow that auto-starts,
2) A slideshow that stops whenever a thumbnail image is selected, and
3) A viewer that still responds to image navigation while the slideshow is running.


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Let's be clear.

SimpleViewer by itself, has nothing to do with whether you can display a certain content type. Limitations are imposed by the Flash Player running in the client browser -- not SV.

A pjpeg is a progressive JPEG bitmap. An x-jpeg (or xjpeg) is an AES encrypted JPEG bitmap. The key length is 128 bits.

Flash Player 8 displays progressive JPEGs with no problem. As an XJPEG is by definition encrypted, and must be decrypted prior to display, Flash cannot display it.

Again, this performance has nothing to do with SV, it is a "flash" thing.

The references to using only non-progressive JPEG images with SV stem from the fact that Flash Player 7 is the target playback software. Flash 8 has improvements and options over version 7, but not everybody is using version 8.

If you created a gallery.xml that referenced non-progressive JPEG, progressive JPEG, SWF files and PNG graphics, and as long as the browser was running at least Flash Player 8, there would be no problems. But, earlier versions of Flash Player would choke on some of that content.

Practically speaking, I don't have a compelling reason to design against older versions of Flash. The Player is free, so there's not much harm expecting that most folks will keep their plugin up-to-date.

I can't envision a routine use for XJPEG content using SV.

As for PJPEGs, why bother with them? The typical Internet user is not browsing over dialup, and it's easy to optimize a JPEG (80% quality shows very little difference vs. full uncompressed.)


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Where is the web page your gallery is on?


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Do you have a website that I can view? It would be much easier for me to see what you're discussing.


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By the way Phillip, those are good wedding shots and #63 is very pleasing.


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I just added SV Pro 1.8 to my website, http://FlyingTigerChinese.com if you'd like to see an example of SV based on a fixed layout.

Right now the site has 6 different sections. To view the image "tour" use the menu bar and hit [more options] (the right diamond cluster) and then choose the tour menu option.


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Hi.  Great product.  Bought it today and already have it up and running!  Would like to know if there is a way to automatically display the images after a few seconds so a user doesn't have to click the next or back arrows unless they want to.


Airtight has an excellent product in its SV Pro, and while it's not designed from scratch to function as an image slideshow, it can be made to do so fairly effortlessly. This post may help:
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … php?p=7563


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You may find some help with SV Pro slideshows here:
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … php?p=7563


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You may find some help here:
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … php?p=7563


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You may find some help here:
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … php?p=7563


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Here is some very basic logic that implements a slideshow in SV Pro 1.8. I've kept my example simple -- no new buttons or controls are used -- by modifying a fairly standard install of SV. Hopefully it's easy enough to get you started and not so simple to be of no use.

You'll start by modifying the ImageArea.as file. We want the init() function. Right after this line of code (~ line 107)


and before the function's closing brace ( } ) you want to insert this line of code

mIntervalId = setInterval&#40; Delegate.create&#40; this, onClickNext &#41;, mSlideShowDuration &#41;;

This guy does the work. It's a timer that calls onClickNext, but it depends on variables we've not yet set. So let's set 'em...

The beginning of the ImageArea class is where all our variables are defined. (Well, it's where you ought to define them if you enjoy tidy code.) Look for a suitable blank spot, say line 47 or so, and insert 2 lines

private var mSlideShowDuration&#58;Number = 3000;
public var mIntervalId&#58;Number;

Now we have a public reference to our timer, mIntervalId, and we have a private reference to the duration between calls, mSlideShowDuration. (The duration is in milliseconds.) You'll notice all the other variables here are private. We're making mIntervalId public in order to be able to call it from  outside of the ImageArea class.

The slideshow would work now. It would start as soon as your first image displayed and continue until the final image was shown. But we need a way to disable it. I've chosen to disable the show as soon as any thumbnail is clicked.

To do this, we need to edit the Thumb.as file and look for private function onRelease(). (You might find the function declared around line 212.) On the last line of the function (before the closing brace) insert this code

clearInterval&#40; mImageArea.mIntervalId &#41;;

to stop the slideshow. Now when a thumbnail is selected (a click, a dragout, etc) the reference to our timer is cleared and the slideshow stops.


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The answers *are* here. This website and forum are loaded with explanations on customizing SV Pro.

You want to implement "Fixed Layout Positions" and you'll need to edit your Options.as script file to do so. Specify a fixed layout (boolean) and then supply the coordinates of the items you want to position.

This link ought to get you started...
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simp … tions.html


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You're more than welcome.

Watusee, does SV Pro function as described? If not, I'd certainly rattle Felix' chain.

But if so, on what merits would you return it? (Your temporary inability to adjust the program to your liking isn't a solid reason, IMHO.)

Having to

delete the whole directory and re-extract... from the zip

sounds like something's wrong with your workflow.

E.g. if you had more than 1 copy of viewer.swf, say one in your simpleviewer_proweb folder and one in a "project" folder, and you were accidentally viewing the latter one each time you republished. It happens.

I'm not telling you that's what you're doing, just pointing out it's easy to view the wrong file a few times, swearing you'd made changes but never seeing them.

As far as the customization you'd like, could you describe it in more detail, please? Are you liking to anchor the caption so it always displays a fixed distance from the bottom left of the image?


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DisneyMike, outputting filenames is simply done. Edit the StageManager.as script by changing line 269

mCaption_mc.txtText.htmlText = cap;


mCaption_mc.txtText.htmlText = mXMLManager.imageFileNames&#91;index&#93; + "<br/>" + cap;

My example here prepends the file name to any caption text present and separates each with a linefeed. If there is no caption text, only the filename is displayed.

If you're not interested in seeing caption text, whether or not it's in the gallery.xml file, change the line to

mCaption_mc.txtText.htmlText = mXMLManager.imageFileNames&#91;index&#93;;

and only the filename will display.


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"Fixed Layout" is your friend. Simply specify the X & Y coordinates for caption text.

Have you tried displaying SV using a  fixed layout? (This option is available in SV Pro.)