Ok. I'm going to try my hand at it... I just wasn't sure where to put the Embed code... In my Stylesheet... Or in my Patterns.php file... That's where I'm getting a bit confused.  The current viewer is in patterns.php... Should I erase that and embed all of the gallery files there?

I'll check it out tomorrow. :)  THANKS for your help thus far.  :)

I have Simpleviewer Pro, and I've built all of my galleries as instructed.  Now, I'm having a hard time understanding WHERE to put all of this coding to get these galleries to work.  I've read all of the instructions, but it seems a little foreign to me.  Where on earth do I start?

Right now my website is using SimplePhotoGallery, but it's terrible.  I love Simpleviewer and really would like to have it incorporated.  Here's what my site currently looks like for the patterns (I'll also incorporate into gallery too, but need to know where to begin with the coding). 


If someone could help for a few minutes, or point me where I can have someone do this for me - wow.  That would be amazing!  I'd like to do it myself so I can learn for future sites I do.

THANK YOU In advance.  :D