Hmm... I haven't modified the plugin, other than adding the pro files as per … iewer/#pro and went from there.

The host would have installed the mod_pagespeed module whilst testing speeds. I added '?ModPagespeed=off' to the end of the URL to disable it and that seems to have done the trick. Once again, it was the hosting's doing. I'll uninstall it as it doesn't seem to be affecting the speed at all.

Thanks for your help.



Thanks for the suggestions Steven.

I can pretty much rule out all of those (except maybe the first one). Which pretty much confirms for me that it probably has something to do with the host/server.

I'm still testing a few things, but at the moment it seems to be loading a lot faster and I haven't made any significant changes. Strange...

I'll keep an eye on things and let you know if there are any changes.

There is another issue I've come across though. SimpleViewer seems to be defaulting to the Javascript/mobile gallery, despite having Flash enabled. I am using the latest version of Flash Player, have tried multiple browsers on different OS's and cleared the cache.

I'm currently testing the gallery at It seems to load the Flash version initially, but once refreshed, it shows the (unstyled) js viewer.

Hi guys,

I just upgraded SimpleViewer Pro to version 2.3.1 and am running it with the WP-SimpleViewer WordPress plugin (v2.3.2) on a client's website. The only other plugin I am using with it is Meteor Slides (v1.5.1), but I don't think this is the cause as I have run the two plugins together (with no issues) on a previous site using slightly older versions.

While the plugin is activated, the website load time is drastically increased to about 25 seconds (which is ridiculous). When the plugin is deactivated, the load time is practically instant.

Any idea what the cause might be or if there is a known issue regarding this? I have done a bunch of research, testing and have been in touch with their hosting with no luck so far.

I'm stumped, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your reply. The error messages don't seem to be resulting in any functionality or display problems as far as I can tell.

I purchased the pro version regardless and am looking forward to 'pulling it apart' and applying customisations. I'll report any other issues if I come across them.

Options like svBuilder would be out of the questions as I would like my client to be able to create new galleries via Wordpress (without HTML or FTP uploads). SimpleViewer would be easy enough for them to use and update. The fact that it works with Wordpress's media uploader makes it even better, as I previously had to use a workaround to do this.

Thanks for that Steve,

Along with the error message I mentioned above, I am also getting this message 'Notice: wp_specialchars is deprecated since version 2.8! Use esc_html() instead. in /home/4-web/46/47/ on line 3467
Add SimpleViewer Gallery' when using the media uploader (with debug mode set to true).

Other than that, things seem to be running smoothly. I was able to add galleries to my posts (in visual mode) and they seem to functioning correctly.

I was wondering, what are these error messages all about and what effect do they have on the added galleries, if any? Also, I still intend to upgrade to Simpleviewer Pro, but with customisation can I be sure it will appear and function correctly?

I just realised that someone posted a similar question as I was writing mine. The same thing happened with the 'eye' icon, where it only shows up in visual mode (when editing a post or page).

I will see how I go from here and keep an eye out for any other issues.


I am a Multimedia Designer/Developer interested in using the latest version of SimpleViewer Pro on my client's website. I have successfully done this in the past using older versions of Wordpress and the WP-SimpleViewer plugin. I decided to try the latest free version to make sure it all works correctly with the latest version of Wordpress, but I have come across a few problems.

I have debug mode enabled in Wordpress and after I activated the plugin, this error message was repeated 4 times:
Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in /home/4-web/46/47/ on line 3551. I found out that this was related to the add_menus() function, but it didn't really help me solve the problem despite trying a number of different things to fix it.

Another major problem is that I can't see the 'eye' icon or 'Add SimpleViewer gallery' button anywhere when editing posts or pages. Both problems lead me to believe that there might be some compatibility issues with SimpleViewer 2.2.0 and Wordpress 3.3.1. Are there any known compatibility issues that might be the cause?

If anyone could give me some pointers as to what might be causing these problems or has a solution, it would be much appreciated. Also let me know if you need any more details in order to do this.

Thank you in advance.