BINGO! that new line worked a treat - thanks!

Just a supplemental query... Will editing the gallery code in wp / sv settings have any effect now?

Anyway - thanks again

No inconvenience at all & thanks again for your help. You must have the patience of a saint  :D

(I'd moved the preset by the time you looked, thinking it might like its own preset directory away from the gallery xml's)......

I'll give the new code a go - WP really didn't like the old one, even stopped me logging in at one point  :D


Thanks Steven. Uploaded my preset as suggested, but now the galleries have stopped working. Says "SV requires javascript & the flash player - get flash"......   Reinstalled flash, but still the same message - any ideas what might have gone wrong?

Here's the line I added in the postition suggested:
flashvars.presetURL=" richards/wp-content/uploads/JR.xml";

Just saved a layout in the builder, but can't find any presets xml files to upload to wp??

Never mind - found it in the app data / roaming / sv / presets  :)

Awesome Steven - I'll give it a go now :)

Hi - we would like to create a standard sv pro template to use with the wp plugin.
It would have the fixed layout option to position the elements where we want them.

What's the easiest way to go about this?



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Hi there - I've set up a simple slideshow & got everything just the way I want it apart from one thing...

If the gallery is set to autoplay it automatically starts the slideshow. But if you click on a thumb nail it stops & you have to reload the page to start it again. I've set things up so there are no controls visible which is what I want.

Any way to have the slide show automatically restart after a couple of seconds once a thumbnail has been clicked?



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Thanks for taking the time to help me out  :)


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Thanks for the extra help Steven.

I just did as you suggested and added this on line 849....   

               plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . 'svcore/js/simpleviewer.js',
               $this->version );
           // enqueue the script
flashvars$gallery_id.preloaderColor = "#FFFFFF";
     * When the post is saved
     * @param <type> $post_id
     * @return <type>

but wp threw up an error...

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/sites/ on line 849

Any ideas?



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Thanks for trying to help Steven, but nothing is working for me...

I'm referring to the small, grey bar that appears in the middle of the gallery when the page is first loaded.

I've tried all the "imagepreload" options, but every time you re-visit a page with a gallery the loading bar shows, yet the "ALL" setting is supposed to keep images loaded? I understand that images are cached by the browser, but I have no special cache settings or anything.

I've also tried styling the Preloadercolor but nothing changes. Why?

I'm wondering why different settings of the the imagepreload or preloadercolor options don't make any difference to anything?

It's a wordpress site, using the simpleviewer plugin with the Pro SVN core files added. The galleries are also setup as simple autoplay slideshows, so no thumbs, text or anything.

Unless we can come up with a solution I'm not sure that simple viewer will be useable for us. We don't mind having the small loading bar on the first view, but it becomes a nuisance when it shows every time you revisit that page. It's only a couple of seconds, but it's distracting.



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Hi there

We're using the latest SV Pro in Wordpress for a couple of image slideshows (auto play, loop, no thumbs etc).

It works well, but we're disappointed that you get a loading bar every time you open a page with a slideshow, even if you visited that page already.

We've experimented with the preloadimages options, but nothing seems to make any difference.

Any way to keep images loaded so you don't get the loading bar every time you open the page, or even just remove the loading bar altogether?


Finally sussed the slideshow for the front page - didn't notice the imageClickMode="NONE" function.

This means we only need one plugin for a front page slideshow & also galleries with thumbs etc elsewhere on the site. Awesome  :D

Now if only we could get the captions overlaid over the image on the right it would be PERFECT, but I guess you can't have everything...

Thanks Steven.
What I meant was, is it possible to have the overlay effect, like you get with the top or bottom (text on semi transparent panel), but have the panel & text running down the right hand side? I can achieve the caption panel on the right of the image, but not overlaid or semi transparent?

Also, if you're still around, is it possible to run my gallery as a slideshow. I can get it to autostart & loop, but it stops if the user clicks on the image... how to restart automatically if they mouseoff or click again???

Many thanks for a great plugin.  :)

Love this gallery plugin  :)

Any way to have the captions show as an overlay (semi-transparent) on the right of the main image?