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Thanks so much. That works great.


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after I copy past the code you just provided I can no longer go to "customize" window. So It's stuck at the "Images" window.

If I delete the code from the caption window then I can go to "Customize" again


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could you please provide the "code" I need to insert in the caption window to have something like this:



I have two questions,

1- is there a way to have several paragraphs in the same caption? Basically I want to have a space between two lines and not have the whole text in one string.

2- Is there any way to embed videos in the gallery?

Your help is appreciated...


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Dera Pro's

I have a full Flash site built already. All is left to do is to add some galleries in my portfolio section. I like to use svbuilder to do so cause it's really makes it easy. The only problem is I dont know how to embed it into my flash site.

The way I want it to work is pretty simple. when the visitor click on a button in my portfolio section built into my flash website, the sv galley shows up. when they click on other navigation buttons the galley goes away.

I have tried copy pasting the code that is provided in the support document into the button that is suppose to load the galley but it doesnt work.

Could you please help?

Thank you