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I think that you are on to something with the cache. I use FF and GoogleChrome and both are up to date. I was making changes in chrome then logging out and then logging back in with FF. The gallery then had my changes to them. But when I make a change and then clear the cache and push the view button the changes are not there. I making sure I update first.

All I am doing is changing the caption under the pictures by adding a few words. If it works with you, let me know what I need to set FF and Chrome to.

I changed my gallery sign in back to the default.


I will leave it like this till you reply back.


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So I ran my test again and it all check out great. With the same permissions as I was running in the original????

Here is a dumb question, Do I need to move all of my svBuilder files to the svmanager folder on the server? I do use links to the gallery on my site and i changed the link to point to the index.php, but still no changes to the gallery.


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I am running on a Linux server through HostGator. I have already run and passed all the test server compatibility steps. I am reloading it right now and will mess the permissions through this.

I know that when I change the permissions on through ftp it works because when I change them the svmanager interface boots me out with the 500 error. Then I change the permissions back and the original settings and refresh the page and it logs me back in.

When I make a change to the gallery, everything changes and gets saved, the gallery.xml file and the images on the interface of svmanager. But when I go to view the file it does not update, even though the gallery.xml file says that it should.

I will run the test for now and get back with you, if you have any more ideas please le me know. Thanks You


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I have a site with multiple SV galleries and I was wanting to manage them faster. I downloaded the svmanager, but now I am having problems.

So I import a few  galleries into svmanager and changed the captions or add new photos, but when I go to view the changes they are not there. When I uploaded the files, svmupload I get errors through FTP with \includes \class \plugins. It says Access denied.

So I changed the permissions on the server to the 664 like your help page suggested but then is get the 500 internal server error in my browser.