Thank you very much, everything works now. You are a great helper :)

Ok, I've found interesting things. It seems my page DOES work (images load) with IE9 and Dolpin HD 8.7 (mobile browser), but doesn't work with Chrome 21, Firefox 14, Opera 12.

I understand that it would be easier to integrate the viewer into another page, but in this case it's not a very good option, so I'm trying to find a workaround. Do you have any ideas or could you provide any insights why this may be happening ? Which part could be responsible for black / blank autoviewer ? Again, everything works locally on all mentioned browsers and I did provide relative paths for all project files.

I have a page here: When I click "test", I get black autoviewer screen - no images. works fine, displays all images, everything works properly in localhost (images appear, even with the shadowbox script, which you might have noticed). Problem appears on server only :/

Any ideas ?


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Can somebody provide hints how to make autoviewer gallery with totally absolute paths ? If html contains absolute path to autoviewer.swf, swfobject.js and gallery.xml, it's working, but not showing pictures.

It seems the tricky part is absoluting image paths in gallery.xml . "<url>file:///C:/localhost/autoviewer/images/image.jpg</url>" works well for the local file (when you run autoviewer.swf), but when embedded in another directory file (i.e. http://localhost/anotherdir/page.php), images show as X. "<url>http://localhost/autoviewer/images/image.jpg</url>" doesn't work at all (neither for local file, nor for page).

Any suggestions on "absoluting" the image paths... ?