Here is the URL for the image -

I am referring to the space above and below the thumbnails as indicated by the blue arrows.

My issue is not about the Zoomed out size. The zoomed out size uses the entire space of the DIV, which is absolutely fine. My original issue still remains how to get rid of the top and bottom space as provided in the earlier examples.

Hi Steven,

I made the modifications as you recommended. While you are right that the #flashcontent aspect ratio is dependent on the dimensions of the DIV, it still appears that there is space above and below the images. See this at and also at

One of the issues of decreasing the height parameter of the #flashcontent div, is that the image size of the thumbnail also decreases, thus the reason for finding how to reduce/eliminate the top and bottom space.

It appears that tiltviewer always leaves a space on the top and bottom, even though the #flashcontent div definition has specified height (and width) parameters. I may be wrong, but the aspect ratio of the #flashcontent div appears to be always square.

How do I get rid of the top and bottom space/margins, so that my gallery/thumbnail images are always top justified ?

See for sample.

Thanks in advance.