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Dear Steven

TU for your reply.

In the mean time I purchased SimpleViewer-Pro.  I changed the svcore as I was told in the manual.  The result is the same.

On the other hand,  I must have been done something wrong because now I have a standalone program "svBuiler-Pro" with an icon on my desktop.

I de- and reintsalled Lightroom 4, I de- and reinstalled  Simple Viewer Pro again and again.  Its a tremdous lose of time for me.  I am a professional journalist-photographer and can't effort more loosing time on such matters.

Please, make it working for me as you told in your announcement and by Chris Orwig on Lynda.com. Otherwise refund me so we can close this case.

I use Adobe Creative suite 5.5, Lightroom 4 on Win7 64b

Sorry for my strong words.



(3 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v1)

During uploading an album to the server I received the message that the SVCORE was missing.  What do I wrong? TIA for your reply.