Dear Sir

I have uploaded my url:

Images are displayed in normal auto viewer generated index file.
But when I import in ASP project its not working.

Please help me out



Dear Mr Steven

I again has some display problem.... I earlier tried making gallery it worked...

Now I just changed the images and added some 800X257 size images and 600X150 size images, after doing this its not displaying the 800X257 Images, yes but it plays all the images with X sign in 800X257 and displays 600X150 correctly.

Later I deleted all started with new project, now its not displaying any of the images, yes but plays the SWF.

I have used the same code which was running earlier, deleted all the cookies and tried several times.

Please help me out with this


Dear Mr Steven

Ton of thanks for the same, now its working...

I just was not having: fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery/gallery.xml");

in my code...

Thanks once again... and god bless you for bright future.


Dear Mr Steven

Our URL is:

All the supporting files for Simple View is stored in gallery folder and contains images and others,

now if you can see, I have gallery.XML in the mail location and not inside the folder, if I keep it inside the folder images are not displayed.

Actually its not reading the gallery.xml file located inside the gallery folder, but reading the external file uploaded in the master location.

I have a sample file uploaded inside gallery folder also, but named with gallery1.xml, and you can note that swf files and all inside gallery folder.

What I want is, I may have Simple View / Postcard view and others in my project, I want to name each gallery by its name.. and keep the associated files inside it.

Please help me out with this.



Dear Steven Sir,

I tried the same in a new project its working.... but the same code is not working in project for which I want it to run....

I don't know but may be some file from my file collection is not allowing it to run....

My ASP project has some..... files like

BIN (contains files and others for AJAX)
JS (Contain java script files)
Web config files
CSS (Contains style sheet)
Face book like button code
Jquery (code retrival from google standard Jquery url for date picker)

I don't know whats the problem.... please help me sir


Thanks for the reply sir,

I am very new to programming also...

What I have done is... (Local Machine)

Created Auto viewer with photo shop.
Imported all the files in my ASP collections in a separate folder Names Galley, in which all the Auto viewer files and folders are kept.

I placed the Embedded  code in my ASP page... and changed the file path of SWF file.

The area of display is coming in the Browser, but images are not loading... I even tried by changing the image file path in XML file...

This is what I have tried, please let me know if there is some other way of doing this..

Please help me.


Dear Members

Please help me to integrate auto viewer in my web site...
I have tried some steps googleing ... but its not displaying the Images...

Please help me.