Hi Steven,

Thank you for your quick response.

I looked at the configuration options but assumed as _blank was listed it did something different to the default settings and therefore was an additional functionality in return for paying for the full version - otherwise why bother to list it without at least indicating it is the default setting?

When I use the href html command the links tend to switch to the new tab without needing to change the browser settings and I was just hoping the linkTarget command could be set to do the same without the need for the user to change their browser settings. 

I'm not an HTML expert so apologies if we're talking chalk and cheese here with linkTarget and href!



I have created a gallery using the standard Tilt Viewer but have now purchased the Pro version as I've really impressed with it.

I have added links to the reverse of the image which I want to open in a new tab and the new tab to become the active tab.

I've tried using the linkTarget instruction "_blank" which I hoped would provide this functionality.  However, there seems to be no difference between this and not using the linkTarget instruction as all; in both cases a new tab opens but the Tiltviewer tab remains the active tab. 

I would really appreciate it if someone could suggest a solution.