Thanks again. New to this. I realize I asked all of the same questions.
I appreciate it. I'll give these a shot...


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Oh, I just got your reply here … p?id=13857


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Thank you!
I followed these instructions for my back button … p?id=13857

How are they different? Is there a way to get rid of the underscore?


I have a homepage gallery of our class's work (
It's a stream of everyone's stuff. Meanwhile, each student has his/her own gallery that the "More" button behind each image links to.

it's basically acting as a filter for the larger stream of everyone's work.

Is it possible to have a floating menu of all the galleries?
Notice the back button in the second link that goes back to the homepage - how do I make this button look more interesting? (highlight, change font, get rid of underscore, etc)

Are there any other cool widgets, additions, toolbars that anyone knows how to implement such as a viewer count/stat counter?

If I were to add one of these lame things where would I insert the code?


This is great!
But how do I get rid of the underscore?
Also, is there a way to turn it into an arrow?
Or if the text highlights when clicked?

Hi, can i apply any of these tricks to tiltviewer pro?


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We have purchased Pro and started to build the website.
We also purchased jalbum pro license in the hopes of integrating its widgets to the site.

I'm a bit confused - the current site was built through svmanager. I have a server where I upload and manage all the files using my mac.
I just want add the code from jalbum to the site, so I can have a menu, etc.

Are there other quick but elegant ways of adding widgets? (i.e. visitor count and a back button)

side note: my back button here returns to an EMPTY homepage... what's the deal?