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I thought of that but it shows way too many plus gets cuts off. Here the URL: http://lottiesskirts.businesscatalyst.com/gallery-3


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Is there any other software like this that use flickr with only thumb pictures ?


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As well is there a way to get bigger thumb pictures


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Hey I got the svBuilder-pro. Is there any way i can get it to only show thumb pictures with flash?


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Thanks for that. Just tryed the second one and it worked :). But had to make it 700 because photo went out of shape.


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Steven Speirs wrote:

That gallery displays OK in Internet Explorer 8 within IETester on my PC.
Please explain what the problem seems to be (i.e. what you see and what you expect to see). For example, is an error message displayed on-screen? If so, what does it say?
If possible, please upload a screenshot somewhere so that I can see you you see. Thank you.

Hey here a screen shot. dont worry about the black square. i had to take a screen shot of a friends computer over skype haha.
As you can see it just shows a think line with the top of the pictures. so it sort of works. haha.

here the picture url: http://kookaburracreekretreat.com.au/Sc … hot%20.png



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Oh ok. not using that page hehe.
i look though this page and could not see any of those errors. Can you please have a look and see why it not working.
here the url: http://www.kookaburracreekretreat.com.au/gallery.html


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one more question again. My slideshows doest work in internet explorer 8 and bellow. any way you can make them work?


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what does Interestingness sort mean?
as well Relevance ?



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Oh ok. I will try some things. I know how to code by hand but it takes time. I'm a designer . Like just to drag things over haha. At the moment use adobe muse with bc. Meaning I can add custom code. What program do you like most?


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another thing. how do we change the order for flickr photos. I tried changing the order in flickr but that dint work.
What order does it go to?


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Hey one more small question.
on this page on of my clients website.

you will see a gallery. But the height of the gallery does not look correct eg it cropping some of the images off. how do i fix this. ?


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How did I miss that haha. Thanks :D.


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Steven Speirs wrote:

Your gallery has been forced to be displayed by the Mobile Player due to the useFlash Embed Code Parameter in your gallery's embedding code being set to false: the 'false' at the end of this line of code in your web page:

simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "100%", "100%", "transparent", false);

If this was intentional, then you can have your gallery start with the first main image (rather than the grid of thumbnails) by setting firstImageIndex="0" in your gallery's XML file.
Otherwise, you could change the false to true and the gallery would be displayed by the Flash Player (if Adobe Flash Player was available in the user's browser) displaying both the thumbnails and the main image together. (If Adobe Flash Player was not available in the user's browser, such as on mobile devices, the gallery would fall back to being displayed by the Mobile Player which is currently being used in both scenarios.)
If creating your gallery with svBuilder, the 'Use Flash' parameter can be changed via the checkbox on the 'Customize' tab.

Thanks but i dint work :(. i left it as false. and when into the xml file. and it dint have anything about firstImageIndex="0". so you must of ment to insert it so it did.

this is what my xml file looks like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




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Steven Speirs wrote:

Yes. There are two things you can do:

(1) Use a Flickr account as the source of images for the gallery.
When a new image is uploaded to the Flickr account, it will automatically be included in the gallery.
The Flickr options available to SimpleViewer-Standard can be found on this page.
You can create a Flickr-sourced gallery using svBuilder (which comes with SimpleViewer-Standard).
The 'svBuilder User Guide' can be found here.

... or:

(2) Use PHP to dynamically generate an XML file on-the-fly which would list all images in a certain folder.
Please see this forum post for details.

Thanks for that. One more little question is there any way in the free one you can make the big photo be there when the page loads? eg you if go here

http://kookaburracreekretreat2.business … llery.html

you will see some thumb pictures but you have to click on them to get the big picture. any way it just starts with big picture.


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Hey people

Is there a way you can setup this to a folder. eg i want a gallery for a client. then all the client has to do is upload a photo to a folder and it will be in the gallery?

please help