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That was the trick! Thanks so much!


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It still isn't working. I followed all of the directions and still the only gallery working is exteriors. Additionally, why is there a HUGE black space between my header and gallery? It's not aligning to the top. Please help!


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Great, thank you for the note regarding files. However, I still need to know how to have multiple galleries. I have created them in Simple Viewer and they are saving them in the Simple View folder but I am getting errors that things could be over written. How should I save them?

Once they are saved properly, is it as simple as putting each gallery's respective embed code in the HTML?


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I built my galleries through Adobe Bridge and I would like 3 seperate galleries on 3 different pages. Bridge generated the files for me and I have copied them to my FTP. However, only one of my galleries is showing photos.  :/  Please advise.


Galleries are under "portfolio".

Thank you.