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Hi Steven,
Thank you for the answer.
As mentioned  before, that folder is gone. Nothing like that there.
Still, no way I can re-install the program.


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I am on Mac OSX 10.6.8.

After having serious issues with SV-Pro (2.2.0), namely the gallery designed with one template, is 'published' with a TOTAL different layout, I decided to upgrade to version 2.3.1.
I have removed the app from Applications folder, downloaded the latest version of Adobe and SV-Pro 2.3.1. During the re-installation procedure I get an error message because the 'installer has been misconfigured'. I have also removed the SVBuilder folder from the user/Library/Adobe/Air/....
Cannot re-install the app whatever I try.
I also have repaired disk permissions and restarted the computer twice to no avail.