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Thanks Steven it worked. The website is looking good thanks to you :D

sorry to raise the subject again. thumbnails blurry and have tried everything. Is only the thumbnails that were uploaded via Simpleviewer. The images that were already uploaded the thumbnails are fine. I cannot upload the images again as I dont have them. Thanks Steven
http://www.gillbradleydesign.com/home/a … w_factory/

Worked a treat thanks a lot.

Hi Steve
I have already purchased the pro and was using some of the configurations. Will give these a go and get back to you

Hi Steven
need help arranging the caption to go either underneath the main image (not the resized image) or the thumbnails on the main page. I have enclosed some screen shots. I have tried some configurations but not sure if they are correct


and a few other combos.
These are I would like them to look

http://www.gillbradleydesign.com/home/w … plate1.jpg

http://www.gillbradleydesign.com/home/w … plate2.jpg


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really happy with the gallery but just need some of the padding taken out of the top.

just need the padding reduce between the navigation and the gallery. I am using simpleviewer on wordpress. Thanks :D