Hello. I was having the same problem that lots of folks are having with the SVPro galleries not displaying on their local browser because of the issues with Adobe’s Flash Global Security Settings which seemed to stop functioning properly last fall. If my (hours and hours and hours) to finally make mine work can help someone….here goes…..I use SVPro 2.3.2, Windows 10, Chrome browser, with Flash installed and enabled.

In SVpro, make sure “Flash” box is checked on the “customize page.”
On the “publish page,” copy the “galley folder name.”
Go to https://www.macromedia.com/support/docu … ger04.html
Check the green checkmark option to “always allow.”
Click on “Edit Locations.”
Click on “Add location.”
In the box under the words “Trust this location,” paste the “gallery folder name” (from above).
Click “confirm.”
Refresh browser.

This worked like a charm for me. But, because now I have to repeat for every gallery I have made, I plan on migrating to Juicebox, as Steven @SimpleViewer mentioned in post 11. I absolutely LOVE SVPro, I don’t think I am being disloyal to SVPro, as from the looks of it, Juicebox has ties to Simple Viewer!

Thank you so much!

Forgive me if this has been addressed, I have tried the forum search.

We use Website Builder hosted by Networks Solutions. We use SVP 2 galleries to make on-line art exhibits. We need to be adding artwork at any time, so we have used Dropbox's "Public' folders to store our SVP files in. It has worked very well for us.

We received a message from Dropbox that they will be discontinuing their Public folders. Are there instructions on how to use SVP 2 with Dropbox without using the Public folder?

I am a novice, so any help would be appreciated!  Cheryl B.

It worked!

Website Builder at Network Solutions was a bit fussy about saving the pasted-in html, but try, try & try again.

I am now the happiest girl on the planet. Thank you SO much for really going to bat for us!

Question. I have the S.V. pro version, is there any way to let the "Simple Viewer" info show? I would be more than happy to advertise for you!

Thank you for clearing up the dropbox issue...

Because I'm using Website Builder at my server (Network Solutions) I will have to try too make it work somehow there. I'm really at a loss of what to do next, so I think I will let this sit a bit.  Thanks for you help.

Okay--anything different is good! I got a dropbox page "Error, perhaps you need to sign in" to show up in my page where the gallery is supposed to be.

So I think my last question from above can be narrowed down to just finding out if having a 'public' folder in dropbox is the issue.

Again, any help is appreciated.

Thank you. I have exhausted most possibilities you mentioned so I am working on using the dropbox option.

Seems to be embedding into my page, however when I preview or publish, the space is made on the page, but blank. I'm not sure where the problem is, but I will mention that when I set up my drop box account, there wasn't a "public" folder in there, so I just dropped my gallery file into the basic dropbox area. Come to think of it, when I go to my dropbox account on line and try to view my gallery's index file, it comes up blank there, too.

Any ideas, I would really appreciate!

I am using Network Solution's Website Builder tool to make a website for our art organization.  I have been trying very hard to get my S.V. galleries to appear on our website--so far it is just blank where I put it. In reading many of your forum posts, I think where I am getting stuck is that I need to upload the S.V. gallery files to my html page at Network Solutions. Can you guide me in how to do this, or at least give me the right questions/words to ask/say if you suggest to me to call them for help? I am not totally clueless on website building, but smaller words work best for me, thanks.

Simple Viewer fit all our needs for a perfect gallery and I really, really want this to work! I am using S.V. pro version 2.3.1.