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Hi. My photographer friend has asked my help as her designer/developer has gone AWOL with a nervous breakdown. My friend is calling her daily and leaving messages with no response. She hasn't responded in over 6 months. I am a web designer and developer and she has asked me to help try and update her website with more recent images. I can see, via FTP, that the developer has used SimpleViewer and SVManager version 1.2.2 build 080912. Unfortunately I can't access the Manager because I don't have the password (although I think I can see the username). I can't go through the steps of resetting the password because I don't have the original files the developer used.

Is there any way you are able to help us? My friend feels she is losing work because her site is not up-to-date with her latest images. I don't know if it is a Pro version although I don't think it is. I've never used SimpleViewer before and I'm not sure how it integrates with her website (although the documentation should help me). Is it possible to download a new copy to overwrite the previous one with a new username/password, without affecting how it's integrated into the live site?

Thanking you in advance