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Thanks very much!

Fired up UltraEdit (had to Run  as Administrator), backed up airtightGallery.jsxinc as airtightGallery-original.jsxinc, made the changes, and now it works just like I want it to.

Thanks again.


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Searched the forum, and didn't find an answer.

I am using the current version of AutoViewer in Adobe Bridge CS6. I just upgraded by purchasing and then copying over the Pro version into the appropriate directory and renaming. Seems to work fine so far.

However, I would like to change a few of the defaults in the gallery.xml file, in particular, to change the time to 6 seconds instead of 3 seconds (despite the helpfile saying 6 is the default) and enable right-click to view full image.  But rather than editing the gallery.xml file in each new gallery that I create, I would like the all new gallery.xml files I create to start off with these defaults. I didn't see anything in the helpfile for editing options.as that would have this effect.

I did try to RTFM but likely missed something.

Thanks for any enlightenment.