hey everybody!

i want to make a gallery with some panorama photos.
but i am really bad in progamming and have no idea how to do it...

the gallery needs a fixed width (is it possible to make in % not in px´s ?!) and a scrollbar.

please help.


soenke s.

i have no idea why but now its working....
after uploading everything with filezilla.


hi guys!

i've just upgraded my SV to the pro version yesterday.

no i want to upload more galleries on my page. the looking and everything should be
exactly the same. i just need more space for photos...

if i'm opening an old gallery in the new pro svBuilder and saving it everything is working well offline.
but if i'm uploading it i could not see anything. ok, i'm able to see the "auto play" button.

i've read the FAQ, and i think its no common problem. i've checked different exploreres, uploaded it with differnet programs and so on...

any idea?

i also tried to make a new gallery with the pro-version.
the same problemn.

thanks, please help !