Awesome Steven!
Hit it right on the head - I logged directly into the cPanel and uploaded there.
I was previously using FileZilla with my Transfer type set to 'Auto'.

It appeared that not only my gallery.html file changed but the js and swf files as well through uploading with FileZilla this way.
Anyhow, happy to have it all working - and not going mental anymore!


Hello Tiltviewer Forum,

I have generated a Tiltviewer gallery in Photoshop CS4 using the 'airtight_CS4_scripts.mxp'
Tested the gallery on my local computer and everything was working as expected.

I then uploaded all necessary files to my server here :
and now I am only able to view the Javascript error message.

I currently have the latest version of Flashplayer installed - and my browser 'Chrome' is configured to view javascript.
The html file is calling the '<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>' and the 'swfobject.js' is in the correct location however the page renders incorrectly when hosted. Why?

I reviewed the earlier post from KPep titled - 'TiltViewer requires flash player - go here to install' Problem
but did not understand what was meant when :

"2013-03-16 06:28:28
All the code within your gallery's 'index.html' page here:
... is on a single line with no line feeds to separate the lines of code.
The first comment in the JavaScript code is likely to be commenting out all the remaining JavaScript code on the page.
Place each line of code on an individual line with a line feed/carriage return at the end and your gallery should display OK."

I have compared the source html for her page listed above and mine at :
and both pages are being rendered incorrectly by the browser. But the source 'gallery.html' file that I am uploading via FTP to my server has all lines separated out as would be expected.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks!