Thanks Steven

I tried the juicebox gallery and it all works fine, problem is I've already bought the pro version of simple viewer, can you give me the pro version of juicebox instead?

The site is displayed but as a standard desktop site (not responsive). Once we disable the simple viewer plugin the responsive functionality returns. I have disabled all other plugins, tried different themes, different hosts etc but get the same results - it is definitely simple viewer that is causing the problem. We can't test it on the standard themes as they are not responsive.

There's no need for a screenshot, the responsive version of this site (or any other site we have using Simpleviewer) does not display on ios7 devices once the Simpleviewer plugin is activated, only the desktop version displays. Once we disable the plugin, it works fine. It happens in Chrome and Safari on iphones and ipads.

I have the same problem with a site I'm building, The site is responsive and everything works fine except on IOS7 when Simpleviewer is activated. I have moved the site to a new hosting platform and get the same results. Has there been a fix for this?

Thanks for that, I got the picasa one working after changing the album names. 2 quick questions - how do I remove the simple viewer logo from the gallery. 2. If I add images on picasa, will they be automatically updated in the gallery?

I've purchased the pro version, is there a (dummies) step by step guide to getting it to work on a wordpress site? I've been trying all day and can't get it right. How do I get what I create in the app to appear on my site? I've also tried using Picasa albums and just get 'no images specified in gallery xml'.