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Thank you


1) I have Wordfence on my sites and they came back with the following Critical Problems warning messages today from their scans:

"Critical Problems:          Files contain suspected phishing URL:

.../svcore/js/simpleviewer.js [various files ending in that]

Bad URL:

Severity:    Critical"

2) i don't recall ever using Simpleviewer, only Tiltviewer -- are the Simpleviewer files referenced above applicable to use of Tiltviewer? (since Tiltviewer is what i was using on my site before it became unusable with Flickr)

3) likely related to the Wordfence scan alert, there is the following warning message on Chrome when attempting to access a Simpleviewer Product url from your Simpleviewer site:

"Deceptive site ahead
Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards)."

I'm guessing that Google has got it wrong in flagging that Simpleviewer url as potentially malicious and dangerous, but am checking here first. Is that url and those files 100% safe? Should I ignore the Wordfence Alerts that are saying those are dangerous files?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi, should the idea of Tiltviewer ever being able to work again by pulling images from Flickr be abandoned?

Hi, my SimpleViewer-Pro gallery is also not functioning now with the same message of "Flickr PhotoSet Not Found." The mobile version is not so great so I don't want to have the mobile version display on desktop. It sounds like there is no fix for this currently so in the meantime I've done a redirect of the SimpleViewer gallery directly to the Flickr album.

Please keep me posted, if possible, if SimpleViewer-Pro starts functioning again with Flickr.

Also since I'm doing a redirect on the url that was previously displaying the dysfunctional SimpleViewer gallery, do you know if there is a way to test if or when the gallery is functioning again without having to delete the redirect prematurely in order to test the gallery page?

Thanks for your help. I did post on the Flickr forum as well per your invite.


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Any way we can get Tiltviewer back and functioning with a Flickr gallery?? It was nice!

Thank you.

argh! i just wrote a whole reply and it got erased/lost when i pressed "submit reply"! it said i wasn't logged in but i was. maybe it was a time-out on the log-in. wish there would have been a warning so i wouldn't have lost all my work! here's an attempted re-creation:

Hi Steven -

Thank you for your continued help, it is appreciated.

It looks like Google just needed some more time as Google search results are now showing the meta description added via the first fix with the <meta> code. However, Yahoo and Bing are still showing the particularly undesirable "Gallery XML Not Found." in their search results for the description. I do not know if they have re-indexed since I added the <meta> code you suggested and do not want to open another webmaster tools with them. So I - just now - added in the second fix you suggested, as follows:

<div id="sv-container">
        <h1>my gallery title without any quotation marks</h1>
        <p>my gallery description without any quotation marks</p>

Please let me know if that is a good idea (adding that second code) to try to get Yahoo and Bing's descriptions right, and if I got the code right since I am not code-knowledgeable and don't want to mess anything up, and also if you have any other ideas for getting Yahoo and Bing to give a proper description (without having to make another webmaster tools account). Google does take most of the search traffic but Bing/Yahoo has enough of the percentage (for example off of Facecrackbook) to be worth something.

---------> Thank you!  :)

Hi ~ this remedy has not worked. I submitted the amended page with a custom "description" added in the way we discussed, to google-webmaster, and the "view source" of google's cache of the page does show the updated meta description added in the code, but the front-end google results still give just "SIMPLEVIEWER." - as the Description. Yahoo results also still say "Gallery XML Not Found." - (worse, since the gallery does work fine).

Specifically I added the line in the space you suggested, as follows:
<meta name="description" content="[i added custom description here, in-between quotes" />
...and the view-source of the reflected page is showing that, it's just not showing on the front-end.

Any insights into this and how I can remedy it so the search-results show the description?

Thank you for your help.

Thank you. i tried that and waiting for google-god to reflect it in the search results.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your help.
With regards to "the head section of your web page" - do you mean I would edit the "index.html" file between the <head> and </head>? There is already the following text there in that file:

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <title>[my gallery's name]</title>


...Where exactly in that would I add a description, if that it is the proper place for that? I don't want to mess anything up and I don't know that code language.

Re: the PHP Script, since I'm pulling images from Flickr, I'm guessing that part might not be appropriate.

Thank you!

Hello~ I've got Simpleviewer Pro. How do I create a customized Description that can show up in search engine Description results? As it is currently, the search results DESCRIPTION for my Simpleviewer art gallery say:

"SIMPLEVIEWER." (Safari, Chrome)
and the more repugnant version in Firefox is: "Gallery XML Not Found." - even though the link works properly to the functioning gallery.

The custom Title of the page comes up properly in search results; I just need to know how to create a customized Description to replace the ones above.

Thank you for your help.


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not sure what happened but i don't think i got notifications of the last two posts on this thread. so this is just a post so that i can choose "stay subscribed to this topic." apologies if there was a way to ensure notifcations without making another post.


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Hello! Thank you for your communication and help. It has been many moons and Tiltviewer still not working with Flickr! I'm sure I'm not the only one with a broken Tiltviewer! When will this be remedied?

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks for your communication. Still hoping for a fix! I'm sure I'm not the only the with a broken Tiltviewer. I am still assuming that it is worth the wait rather than finding a different way to display my images since you've led me to believe it WILL be fixed... Any idea when??? It's been a long time! Unfortunately not very good PR for the company to have it be broken this long.

Thank you.


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Still hoping for a fix of Tiltivewer with Flickr!


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Thanks for the reply.


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It's been a month and a half since our Tiltviewers have been broken.... Checking in again.... Any idea when they will be resurrected?

Thank you.


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It's been quite awhile since our Tiltviewers have been broken... Any word on when there will be a fix since we need an update to fix?
(Naturally it does not look very good for the company...)
Thank you very much for your help.


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Hello - any news on when the Tiltviewer might be updated for the Flickr changes? My public tiltviewer on my website is still broken.

Thank you!


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Thank you Steven!
It would be nice for people if there was an email-option, in general, for receiving notice of all future updates on SimpleViewer Pro and Tiltviewer. This would support the overall functionality of these programs.


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My Tiltviewer has stopped working also for no known reason, so I'm guessing (??) it is the Flickr change. Is Waiting for a Tiltviewer update the only thing that can be done? If so, will you let us know when the Tiltviewer update is available?

In general, is there any way for me to be automatically notified when there are future updates for Tiltviewer & SimpleViewer Pro, to avoid downtime for the galleries?

Thank you for your help!

How can we be notified automatically when updates are available for SimpleViewer Pro and Tiltviewer so as to avoid any downtime for our galleries?

Thanks for your continued help, I appreciate it.
That part looks too complicated for me, so I went ahead and arranged it with the options I had to something decent. .

What looks like my last remaining question before I call this gallery "done":
I entered: imageNavScale="3"
in attempts to make the moving *Cursor* type Image navigation < > things bigger, but this didn't do anything. Is this because they are "cursor"? Can I easily make them bigger? I want to stick with the moving "cursor" type.

Okay thanks. Sounds like more than I want to get into so I'll leave it off.
Thanks for all your help.