Hi: I'm referring to the *BACK* Button, (which appears as a separate item from the Button Bar, apparently). I tried some of the configurations for that at http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/pr … backbutton to get it to even show up at all (the default white text wasn't showing up), but want to place the BACK Button at BOTTOM LEFT of the image area and am wondering if there is a way to do that.

Thank you for your speedy help, I appreciate it!

I guessed you meant that's in index.html file so I fixed it there.

Unrelated question, is there a way to have the Back Button on the bottom-left, instead of the top-left? I didn't see an option for that in the Pro Options. It would look better there so it's not competing with the gallery title.

At Steven Speils' direction, we upgraded to SVPro 2.3.1 from 2.2.0, but alas now the gallery-view is messed up! Please help! In 2.2.0 it was fitting snuggly within the browser screen, *and I had done all the dimensions accordingly in v. 2.2.0 so it would all fit well, but now it is too big for the screen. It's at: www.deVieMusic.com/available-art so you can see what it's doing.

Is there an easy fix for this, or we do we need to demote ourselves back to v. 2.2.0?

Thank you. My images are definitely wide-ranging in terms of differences of dimensions and aspect ratios, so I'm going to assume it's not worth my while to try playing with that.

Thank you for your help and speedy responses - I appreciate it!

Be well

Please allow an option for thumbnails to NOT be cropped.

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Thanks for your help.


(1) - When I open the index.html (via cyberduck FTP) in TextEdit, it is *completely blank.* ... ?? Should I ADD in <title> [my title] </title> to that blank document??

(I will ask my webmaster to upgrade, but I'm not sure how long that will take, and I'd like to get the title remedied asap.)

(3) I don't have Photoshop and will not go through the process of making custom thumbnails. (And I've set the thumbWidth/Height to how I want it already.) --- Are there any other simpler options for having non-cropped thumbnails?

Hello. I have a Simpleviewer Pro (2.2.0) gallery set up at: http://www.deviemusic.com/available-art . I'd like help with a few things:

1) As I paid for the PRO version, I want to have the browser display my gallery title, NOT "SimpleViewer Gallery." Even though I've entered a unique gallery title in the .xml file, the browsers are displaying (at the top of the browser & in the tab-title) "SimpleViewer Gallery" instead of my designated title. (The generic "SimpleViewer Gallery" also comes up as the title of the page when sharing on facebook.) How do I change that to my own page title? (No need to advertise SimpleViewer since I've paid for it.)

2) The captions don't show up on apple mobile devices even though I set 'mobileShowCaption="TRUE"'. How do I get the full captions (not just title) to show on those mobile devices?

3) Is there way to have non-cropped thumbnails? (Some of my images are text-centric, so the text getting cropped is particularly annoying.)

4) Can I enable the "open image in new window" button for Full-Screen mode?

5) I have an enabled-link in all my captions. Is there a way for clicking that link in Full-Screen mode to take the viewer out of full-screen mode, so they can view the opened link more readily?

Thanks for your help!  :D