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I've cleared cache in all browsers and now I have a different problem, the thumbnails load but the large image is a X and also the background is showing as black even though I have ticked transparent background.

The url is http://lindastarkey.com/Gallery.html

Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you Steven

Steven Speirs wrote:

Please see this FAQ:
When I update my images, the new images do not show up in SimpleViewer. Why?

If this does not help, please post the URL to your gallery and let me know what you see and what you expect to see so that I can help further.


(3 replies, posted in SimpleViewer v2)


I have amended the gallery on a site and re embedded the code but when I relaunch the site the gallery hasn't changed. The revised gallery is uploaded to the server correctly. Please advise why this is happening. I have previously amended the gallery without any problems