I've read on another thread:

WP-SimpleViewer comes bundled with SimpleViewer-Standard (the free version) which does not support Pro configuration options. When you upgrade the plugin, it will use the latest version of SimpleViewer-Standard.
Upgrade your version of WP-SimpleViewer to SimpleViewer-Pro (by following the instructions here) and your galleries will use the Pro configuration options which are still stored in your gallery XML files.

The latest version of WP-SimpleViewer (v2.3.2.2) includes new functionality whereby a Pro 'svcore' folder will not be overwritten when the plugin is automatically updated so the next time you update the plugin, you will not need to manually upgrade to Pro.

I have tried thrice to install version of the WP-SimpleViewer plugin, but upon installation, all my galleries revert to having the SimpleViewer logo in the bottom right corner, like the free version. Each time I have to restore the svcore from the Pro folder on my computer.

Is this "functionality" you speak of supposed to apply to future versions not inclusive of this one, or is it supposed to apply to this version as well?

Various people have not been able to see my photogalleries on the website. I thought at first it was a 3G problem (heavily researched) but I have the same problem on wireless connections.

The desktop theme displays fine. The mobile theme does not display a gallery at all.

If I turn off WP-Touch "restricted mode," the galleries are visible.

Is this a WP-Touch issue, from "restricted mode" refusing to allow SimpleViewer's Javascript? I can always turn off the restriction, but I'm just trying to understand the conflict.

Thank you.