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Tanks Steven
It seems to work!


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It doesn't work.
I modified "simpleviewer-seo.php" and dropped it into 'wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/'
I modified "wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/wp-simpleviewer.php" but i think my file is not really the same as yours because you talk about lines 820-832 and in mine lines are at 950-961.

So when changes are done i have this on the page:

"SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash.
©2010- Powered by Simpleviewer SEO Gallery Plugin"

got an idea?
Thanks again


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Thanks Steven
I'm going to see this right now!!


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I'd like to know if images metadata are seen by the robots. My caption text appears on the screen but it can't be selected or copied.
I think a simpleviewer gallery has no real content to be referred. Am I wrong?
I've just almost finished to configure my photo site with many simpleviewer galleries because this wordpress plugin (pro) is very good, but I would be really sad if my content has absolutely no value for google robots!!
Can I have your impress?


Ok thanks
I think that's the time to say stop so for the moment i'll be ok with a vertically non-resizable gallery!!

Tank you Steven.
Is it possible to mark this post as solved?

thank u Steven for your answer and the good interpretation of my bad explanation !! ;-)

Indeed, i meant vertically and i had not put 100% in the options. That's done now in this gallery set this way: Gallery Width 100% Gallery Height 100%. Nothing appears!!


thanks for your feedback
Even if i have not much hope because of your answer that encourage me to fix the size in a wordpress environnement


Ok, i have the answer:

you have to put "imageClickMode" on "none" in the pro options

hi everybody,

I'd like to know if it is possible to mask nav buttons overlay images.
Thanks for your answers.


Hello everybody,

could you have a look at my site: http://www.david-aubert.com/architecture-5/
My galleries are not resizable horizontally, i'd like to know why, if someone had an idea it could help.
thank you for your look.
Kind regards



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Captions are loaded from the description area. I'd like to load them from another IPTC area.
Is it possible?
Thanks for your answers.