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Thanks Steven.  I just converted one of my SVBuilder slide shows to Juicebox and looked at it on my cell phone - much better!  So I ordered it.  Hopefully I can figure out how to get external links working.  Appreciate your help. Steve


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Adding a link works when viewing on my desktop, but not on a mobile device.  Any solution?

Thanks very much Steve.  I tried your 1 & 2 suggestions, changing both values, and so far so good.  I think you've got it ... Steve

I am using FileZilla to transfer my slide show to my FTP site.  I often (about 50% of the time) discover that only a portion of the gallery.xml file had been transferred resulting in a

I've been a long time user of SVBuilder, primarily to create slide shows for real estate. We have added Video to our service and I don't have a great way of linking a YouTube video from the slide show. I've been using one of the slides as a vehicle to get to YouTube, but if I were able to add an icon to the main screen, it would be great. And if it worked on mobile devices, even better.


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Firstly, congrats on a great piece of software. It is easy to use and produces classy slide shows, never crashes, pretty versitile, and it is quick. If I could add something to my WishList, it would be an easier way to move, or sort the JPGs around.  If I add a picture (it adds it to the end), it isn't easy to move it to the beginning of the slide show.  Unless I am doing something wrong, I have to drag the picture up, one page at a time, to where I want it to be placed.  And, I guess if I had another WishList item, it'd be a page curl transition.


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I am hoping to open a YouTube video in a new window if I click on the first thumbnail of the slide show (which would be a YouTube icon), possible? I know I can create a watermark and add the link to that, but 'd really like to be able to do it from the thumbnails.  Thanks.  Steve

** Found it on an old post - works great using Link_URL on the main image and adding the ink to the xml file. **