Thanks for that.  I'll give it a go.

Thanks for your answer Felix...

I thought it would be much better to have separate folders for my gallery and be able to link to the stuff from there.

It''s not really practical to have my gallery images in the same folder as my main site images.

Is it possible to have the viewer thumbnails and images elsewhere in my installation and link to them?

Hi guys,

Can I firstly say what a great programme Simpleviewer is...thanks!

Unfortunately, after successfully using Picasa to make my first gallery, I now can't get the viewer to work in my html.

I've looked through the FAQs and followed them as best I can without success also.

As such, can anyone help.

The page I'm trying to get to work first is: … ytest.html

As you can see the flash gets as far as loading XML Data and that's it.  No further either locally or when I upload.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'd love to get this working.