Steven Speirs wrote:


It looks like your gallery currently uses a version of SimpleViewer-Pro prior to Universal Playback being introduced in v2.1.0.
Your web page currently embeds a SWF file using SWFObject. This is a Flash file and there is no fallback mechanism for mobile devices or browsers which do not have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled.

When SimpleViewer-Pro introduced the Universal Playback and the Mobile Player, in order to display the gallery images on non-Flash enabled devices and browsers, the SWF file was replaced with a collection of resource files (stored in the 'svcore' folder) and the embedding code changed.

In order for your gallery to be displayed on mobile devices, you will need to download the latest version of SimpleViewer-Pro (v2.3.1), upgrade your existing gallery and change the embedding code on your web page.
Instructions for downloading the latest version of SimpleViewer-Pro and upgrading existing galleries can be found here.
The current recommended embedding code can be found here.

Thanks for the reply. I will upgrade my version.

sieg wrote:

Can anyone help me out here ?, used simpleviewer Pro for creating the gallery's
Working fine on devices with Flash installed like a regular laptop or pc, but does not show on mobile devices such as iPad.

Can anyone check my html code to see what is wrong ?

Thanx in advance,

I am having the same problem on my site as well.

Steven Speirs wrote:

Thank you for reporting the broken link. I have now fixed it. TTG SimpleViewer can be downloaded from this web page: … mpleviewer
Installation instructions can be found on the same page.
Instructions for upgrading TTG SimpleViewer from SimpleViewer-Standard (which it comes bundled with) to SimpleViewer-Pro can be found here: … viewer_pro

Or can I just replace the svcore folder in this package to upgrade it to pro?

Yes. That would work.


I am upgrading to Simpleviewer Pro

I am currently using TTG CE2 pages and stage. Where can I download TTG SimpleViewer-2? The link on this page is broken and I can't find TTG SimpleViewer-2 anywhere on the TTG site. … #lightroom

Or can I just replace the svcore folder in this package to upgrade it to pro?