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Hey Steve, thanks for the help with getting squared away!! I am super happy the gallery is back to normal now, I wish I would have looked into Juicebox when the whole thing went sideways with the flash support or whatever the issue was.


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It has been 3 days and still no response. When I go to the blog page that I filled out the form, my original submission is still there and says "your comment is awaiting moderation". So if you could look into it that would be sweet!! My client just wants to pull the trigger and pay for it but I want her to be able to utilize the discount, it would be a whole lot cheaper. Thanks!


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Hey Steven,

Do you know if they are in fact still honoring the discount and if so do you know if it would work towards the purchase of Showkase Pro Bundle? Ideally that is what I want to purchase. I submitted the discount form yesterday and haven't heard back yet which is fine, I just need to keep my client up to date since it is going to be used on her website.  Thanks in advance, you are always on top of responding back and I appreciate that.

Since the whole thing with Flickr and Simpleviewer not working properly together I have had to look for alternate options for gallery configurations for my clients. With that said I was wonder if there was a way to make the Thumbnails Larger like www.secretihausrottweilers.com/family/  This is what my client would like, though I am not sure if I can do it with SV, or at least I didn't see an option for it, I was wonder if I could change some code in the SV file.  Right now the galleries have the tiny thumbnails and once you click on that they change to the larger image.


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I would love to switch to the Juicebox, but I feel like the price break is high compared to that of the original simpleviewer which is $45 for unlimited use and juicebox which costs $95 for 5 websites? Why the huge difference in price. I have one website That has numerous galleries spread out over their whole website featuring all of their dog litters (which I understand may or may not be affected due to being the same domain). But most of my clients utilizes galleries.


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Man that is so lame, it is definitely not the most ideal solution, sure it beats the fact that it either shows like that or not at all.  :rolleyes: neither are desirable ahhh. I tried it and it did work but a little to clunky in the long run...


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Thank you for looking into it. I really don't want to move all of my clients onto something totally different. So I will keep my fingers crossed.


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Did SimpleViewer change something?? This happened a few years back when they changed something and I had to re-work each and every one of my clients galleries. I am hoping that is not the case now...

Anyways I have multiple clients that use SimpleViewer Gallery and they are all down on PC's saying Flicker User Not found, but when you look on your phone you will see all of the images thumbnails so its technically the websites are connecting to Flickr, some reason its not showing on PC's for me or any of my clients. I checked on Chrome, IE and Firefox and they are all the same. Flash is installed and working properly.

http://pachecorottweilers.com/litters/b … litter.php   

To show name a few.

I am running SvBuilder-Pro v.2.3.2 and it seems like the galleries have been down for 3-4 days now.

<script type="text/javascript" src="svcore/js/simpleviewer.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
simpleviewer.ready(function () {
simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "100%", "100%", "transparent", true);
<div id="sv-container"></div>

Thank you for your time and help on this. I truly love SVB, I just hate when it goes down like this.

Hey Steven,

That is what I was hoping it would be, though I didn't see the earlier thread, or I would have rested a lot easier. Thank you for your response. Everything is good now!! I was worried because I knew Flickr was parting ways with Google so I wasn't sure if they were parting ways or whatever with SV.


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Yeah, I am having the same issue with 4 different websites. Just happened sometime today. 1st time ever that I am aware of. I hope they can fix this soon..

Hello I am new to the forum but have been using Simple Viewer 2 Pro for the last year or so and never had any issues with it, and quite love it!

So here is my dilemma, I have 4 clients that I have set up Flickr accounts and synced them with SVBuilder and they have all worked up to most recently last night. I look today and they are all off line due to "Flickr User not found".  The user names are correct, they are all different, so its not the same account. Does this happen every now and then? Do you know what the issue is? I would like to remedy it this as fast as possible to keep the clients happy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.