Majority of my customers/ brides to be are using ipads/ iphone now Steven.
Flash, Im looking to avoid at all costs.
So i still need an autoplayer ideally in html?  :)

Hi Steven

Im opening up an exisiting gallery made in February, and publishing into different folders

Gallery is at

1)Would like autoplayer to kick in with 1st large image, not thumbs. Without full screen option.
What im seeing in gallery > preview is also No autoplay and small nav arrow, but in start> customize it all works autoplay and large nav buttons??

Thanks Martin

Hi Steven

Id like autoplayer to work, plus Ive noticed larger nav buttons in Customize
But not when published neither are visible or working
Thanks again Martin

Plus on export a folder called 'old' is made along with images, svscore and thumbs?



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Hi Steven,

Yes I see the <P> tags </>  just before the simpleviewer javascript.
I was provided some custom code to remove it now fixed on my homepage. Not sure how they fixed it but :D .article-content p:nth-of-type(1) {display: none;}

Cheers Martin

btw, thanks also for the link to the upgrade.


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Thanks Stephen.
Yes just changed it to html version 'false' looks ok now.

One last change please the spacing at the top of the gallery needs reducing is this a caption height issue perhaps? … iewer.html

If so, can I alter this directly in the simpleviewer.css without each time going into SVBuilder?

Many thanks,


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This is the page it should appear on btw i have cut ands paste the previous html into. … iewer.html

This link works fine it views perfectly as a standalone page … allery3FS/

Hope this makes sense.


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I'm running Sv BuilderPro 2.1.2 (cant find old email to upgrade unfortunately)
Having had success with the iframe i noticed its wasnt viewing properly on my Samsung Note phone. I have been l

I think that i read on 1 of your pages an embed system was the way to go?
Anyway heres my code Im pasting into my WP page but nothing is appearing. Can you help please. Many thanks Martin

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
var flashvars={};     flashvars.baseURL="";     simpleviewer.ready(function () {         simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "850", "600", "FFFFFF", true, flashvars);     });
// ]]></script>
<div id="sv-container"></div>