Steven THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The website is up and running now.  :)  :)  :)

Thank you ! I really appreciate the effort on this. I replied to your email. :)

Thank you! I'll take any help I can get please send me the email address.

I checked with Hostgator and  this is what I show for PHP config

PHP Configuration

Please Note the following:

[-] The PHP System Default Version is 5.4
[-] Selecting "PHP Cur" will set the handler to latest stable PHP version available in our servers. This will be updated automatically in the future
Use with caution

I tried clicking each gallery to edit and save. Unfortunately that did not fix the problem. I'm not sure exactly which version was used initially because it was done by the company I paid to build my website. We had the same issue about a year ago when I tried to upload some new images and unknowingly updated a pluggin, at that time the Web Service reverted it back to the old condition. I no longer use that company and I'm trying to fix this on my own. I really appreciate your assistance.

I tried downloading the new version on my mac, can't seem to get it to upload to wordpress. I was able to download the new verison on my HP Laptop and upload to wordpress, however, still getting the same error.

This is one of the URLs for one of my Gallerys. They all have the same Error message.

Also getting the same error here:

I logged into Wordpress today to update some photos on my website. I made the mistake of clicking on the "Update Pluggins " link and I have not been able to get into my Gallerys since. I get an error stating "Gallery XML Not Found". How do I revert back to the version that was working?

Currently using version