Never mind - it's now magically back to displaying correctly for some reason.

Chrome is showing a mobile layout and Firefox is not. Plus Firefox is showing all images and Chrome is missing one.

Why is this happening?

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, none of that works for me. I've found the 'Edit Locations' drop-down menu just fine but it won't let me select a folder. I just get a button for "Open." When I click on that it just opens folders and won't stop until I get to to a swf file.

Does this for both 'Browse for files' and 'Browse for folders.'

So right now, the only way I can use SimpleView is to add images, change the xml and FTP to a website in order to see what I've done. If it breaks, I won't know until it's live. That's not acceptable (at least for any client I have).

Any ideas? Will there be a fix for SimpleView?

None of the solutions in the previous post work - at least not for me. There isn't any 'Edit Locations' in Chrome for OSX that I can see nor are there 'Control Panels' in Safari or Firefox that I can find (also OSX).

The Adobe Global Security Settings panel is almost useless. It doesn't let me choose and confirm folders, just files. I picked simpleviewer_icc.swf and simpleviewer.swf. Doing that does nothing.

Any ideas?

Also, in the other suggested fix is using the 'Trusted Locations' settings, I do not get any 'Confirm' button for anything I select.

This is frustrating to say the least. I bought your software and would  like it to function.

I can't find 'Edit Locations' in Chrome for OSX, Any ideas?