Hi Steven,

Thank you for helping me. I put the URL of my website in the Trusted Location Settings. Now all is ok.
Excuse me to have not found the answer in the forum.

Best regards, Guy


My computer is under Windows 10 with simpleviewer_2.3.2 and svBuilder. Since the last updated of this software I do not visualize any more the gallery although the box view in browser is notched. The screen SimpleViewer Gallery appears with the white bar and SIMPLEVIEWER in the middle, but anything else. Moreover the same phenomenon occurs during the visualization of the gallery by the software Microsoft Expression Web4. Despite everything the gallery is well published on my website: www.busaroundglobe.com. Even the old galleries made under Windows XP are not visualized any more by Expression Web4.
What happened? What to do?


P.–S. I speak broken English. I am French, nobody is perfect.
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