I need help on this badly.

My flash image gallery's work on my local machine in both IE and firefox, but since I've pushed them to my host (apache/linux server) the gallery images only load in firefox NOT IE.

I'm stuck on this completely, i need some help bad.  This is currently live, i've changed the background colour so it's visible.


I solved the problem myself.  The SV is created in flash 7, where as the swf that I was introducing it into was created in flash 6.  So when republishing the main.swf the SV gallery was failing because the code base was wrong.


Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing is incorporating a SV flash gallery into an existing flash site.  I have used the example code that you mentioned, and I have the SV gallery loading within the main site.  That part works, the gallery loads and it operates the same as the example.  (same code, layers, and setup)

The problem is that when the gallery is loaded and the user clicks on any other part of the main flash site, (eg. click a button and goto a different page/movieclip) and they then go back to the SV gallery it stops functioning correctly. 

Only the first thumbnail image and large image load, the rest do not. 

Upon looking at the output log in testing the movie, when the SV gallery loads the first time it shows the XML loading correctly and all the paths are there for each image.  When a different area of the main flash site is clicked and you then return to the SV gallery; the XML output log shows only 2 of the xml paths loading.  One for the first thumbnail, and one for the large image, the rest of the xml urls are not even shown. 

I really need this corrected.  I've tried everything I can think of and still no luck.  I've tried to unload the movie, I've tried locking the root of the SV gallery, and still nothing works.

Please help! 

thanks for the response.

Felix, I need a response to this and your the expert.


Why am I not getting a response to this??

Ok, I have found another user that had the same problem and they seem to have solved it with unloadmovie.  I don't know where to put the code for it.  I need some help please.

http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … ght=unload

This must have to do with the way the viewer.swf is created, I would think.  Why else are the images in the xml file not loading on essencially is a restart of the simpleviewer?

Ok, i made the change.  I also had to make the same addition to the gallery.xml file as well, and edit the xml files for the thumbnail and image paths. 

That's what was confusing me, the index.html file has the path for the main.swf which loads the viewer.swf;  I don't get why I need to add the Flash directory to the path if the index.html already loads the main.swf which has the viewer.swf in the same location.

The gallery now works, sort of.

When my main.swf loads, I click the button which loads the gallery.  First time through it works great.  However, if I go to a different page in the main.swf then return to the page that has the button to view the gallery and click it again, the gallery only loads the large image and the first thumbnail image.  The other images don't load; if I click on one of them the progress bar shows up in place of the large image, but it isn't moving.

Any ideas?

Thanks Felix, I'll give it a try and let you know what happens.

This is what I was afraid of when purchasing the pro version.  Lack of support.


I'm publishing to flash 6 due to the site I'm working with, but I've made some progress and just need a little help.

So far I have it loading the gallery within another main.swf on my local machine which works.  However, as soon as I push that to the host it can't find the gallery.

Its just a path issue but I don't know how to fix it.  Below is my code:

_global.SVStageWidth = 640;
_global.SVStageHeight = 420;

test.onRelease = function(){

function loadGallery(galName){
    _root.xmlDataPath = galName;  

The main.swf gets loaded from an index.html page thats one directory above.

My directory structure looks like this:


Within the 'Flash' directory I have:


The gallery is then loaded into the main.swf.  I don't know why it can't see that gallery.


I'm not sure why I'm getting errors in the sample that was sent in the download.  What version of actionscript does Pro use?  The error I was getting when I run the example in Flash Professional 8 is as follows:

**Warning** Scene=Scene 1, layer=code, frame=1:Line 1: The file 'toplevel.as', which is required for typechecking ActionScript 2.0, could not be found. Please make sure the directory '$(LocalData)/Classes' is listed in the global classpath of the ActionScript Preferences.

Total ActionScript Errors: 1      Reported Errors: 1

Loaded XML: true

I'm not very good at actionscript code and don't know the ins and outs just yet.  I didn't change any code this is running as was sent in the download.

I then added the directory in the code output above to the global classpath ($(LocalData)/Classes), once I did that the error above was removed, but I'm still getting the "Loaded XML: true" portion of the error.


That's the problem, I can't use the exact code since I'm adding only a single swf to another swf.  Its not exactly the same.  It should be easy for an experienced actionscript programmer to fix.

I'm trying to add the plain gallery from the 'web' directory into an existing swf site, however I'm having problems.

I've followed the example in the multiples gallery example with no luck, i'm getting alot of errors.

My code is as such:

//Set button actions
on(release) function(){

function loadGallery(galName){
    _root.xmlDataPath = galName;  

But I get some errors when attempting to publish:

**Error** Symbol=text buttons, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 2: '{' expected
     on (release) = function(){

**Error** Symbol=text buttons, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 6: Statement must appear within on handler
     function loadGallery(galName){

Total ActionScript Errors: 2      Reported Errors: 2

Any help would be greatly appreciationed.



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Can you post it?

Ok, i've purchased the pro version but I need a way for the user to maintain their photos and update the gallerys. 

I'm going to be using the Multi gallery example with it, but the users updating the gallerys don't know anything about FTP and I'd like to avoid that so that's why I'm using the admin tool.

Help please.


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So you purchased the pro version is what your saying?


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No, it won't get confused. 

When you click on a gallery notice the URL in your address bar.  Then index.php has a parameter that is passed with the album that your viewing.


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I think the pro version will do exactly what I need I just wanted to be sure before plunking the money down.

I couldn't agree more.  That's why I'm looking for this resolution first as well, no sense paying just to find out it doesn't do that.


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Anyone?  There isn't much point to the gallery on a flash site if it can't be incorporated into the existing site.


Is it possible to load the gallery into an swf?  I have flash site that I would like to incorporate the simpleviewer into, but i don't know if its possible.

I'm using SVA with SV 1.8, and I have created multple gallerys with SVA.  I have tried this but it loads in a new window all the time, not the existing swf on a button click:

on (release){
getURL("http://www.myURL.com/photography/index.php?album=test2", "mycontainer")

I really don't know how to do this.


Yes quite possibly if they are using Hotlink protection on their servers.  You could ask their admin and see if they are.

Could this be the same issue I had for simpleviewer where my host server has Hotlink protection?  I had to include the url for the index.php file that my viewer was located in for the images to work in FF.

Not sure but just a thought.