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We have used latest version of simpleviewer and our browser has Flash Player v 10 (latest installed).

GAllery work fine in Firefox But in IE7 it always gives error of Flash Player.

Not sure why so? Any idea?



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I have one photogallery installed.

It has list of 3 photo galleries and I populate it dynamically from admin panel and each time I update any images or create new category, system will update XML document as per requirement.

It works fine in Mozilla, Firefox BUT it gives typical error in IE. Once you click on any of the gallery from above link, page will load with simpleviewer gallery with the images in that category. NOW you go back from that page and click on any other gallery... Here problem comes. You will see same photos of gallery you visited first time.

I feel this is problem is catch memory which IE takes as reference.  BUT it works in other browser.

Can any one please let me know if you have any solution?

Thanks in advance for spending your time in reading my issue and supporting me.

With regards,
Hardik Vyas.

Can someone let me know how can I add multiple gallery and show gallery name as menu on simple viewer photo gallery?