Thanks for your comments!  What exactly do you mean Frost? How can I do that? It could very well be my free host giving me problems...

An update came out for Firefox and it's still not working?

Why would it work with Safari and not Firefox?

Can a Windows user please check for me with different browsers if they can see the gallery at my site?



I have setup my new gallery here:

The problem is that Firefox doesn't load my images?  If I open my site with Safari there are no problems everything loads up fine... Also if I open the gallery offline from my hard drive, it shows everything correctly in Firefox, but online it doesn't work, only white squares appear instead of pictures.

What can I do?  My site is hosted in awardspaceDOTcom just in case that's important (BTW all my files have the 755 permission thing and it works in Safari so why not in Firefox?)

Please help, thanks a lot.