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Topic: Beginner is stuck

Hi all,
I have created a postcard viewer without a problem and got the js, SWF preview, index and xml files ok. I have a system installed on my site which allows me to upload SWF or FLV files without an issue or understanding code. What i would appreciate knowing is if there is a way of uploading the preview swf or creating another similar file without having to mess about with the xml or html code in my directory files of my website i.e creating a new SWF or using preview to display the gallery?
Srry i am v inexperienced with most of this.
Thanks you very much

Sorry just to follow on what I am basically asking is can I use the preview or generate a new SWF from xml or html files so that i can add the gallery to my site using ONLY an SWF file and not any HTML or coding etc. THANK YOU!