Topic: Adding captions...

Thanks Mike for your previous repsonse on adding images to existing galleries.

Another issue here.

It's a little complicated for me. I'm trying to add captions to some images. Easy enough but I only see the captions
in the index file. However, once I created my html page and embed the gallery into my page I no linger need the index
page. I use dreamweaver and it's in my site tree but if you looked on my server it's not there. I simple don't need it.
My home page is my index page. The page with the gallery is different & I can't name it index. It works fine so who am I to argue. Does this mean I need to embed the gallery into my page again? Did I just answer my own question?

Re: Adding captions...

actually that doesn't make sense to have to do that. All the data is linked to the gallery page through the coding anyway so why shouldn't I see it ?