Topic: Tiltviewer Pro Linkage Question\Proposition

first time poster, love the work you guys have done with tiltviewer.

My boss recently purchased pro with the hope that I could set up something for him, which I think is a novel use of the tool.

He wanted to showcase our agency work on his laptop, with each link (or item) linking to an .exe or .wmv etc.

I had the idea to go pro, and use the embeded flash player option, I compiled this .swf into an exe (using zinc), but unfortunatley the links cause some issues during linkage. As the tiltviewer calls a gerURL method on the xml property, it leads to a set of events consistent with trying to access an .exe from the internet (3 prompts asking if you want to download the exe etc)

To make this process more slick (and reduce the steps), would it be possible to override the method being called and use a different method than getURL? (I would use a special command from zinc)

thanks for your time,
I would be happy to share the final .exe, as I think this novel use of tiltviewer could be a selling point!

kind regards,