Topic: Integrating Pro v2 with WordPress

I am having difficulty integrating the SimpleViewerPro that I purchased with my implementation in WordPress. The WordPress plugin provides code and a simple interface for editing the galleries; the svBuilder is much more robust. However, when I work the interface and then copy the XML file to my server, several of the controls simply do not take, chiefly the background color and the size of the space given to the gallery. I didn't actually perform any sort of install except for svBuilder, so I don't really know if all of the pieces are fitting together well.

What is the recommended method of integrating SVPro with a WordPress site? Many thanks...

Re: Integrating Pro v2 with WordPress


which wordpress plugin are you using?

The recommended way to use SimpleViewer-Pro v2 with wordpress is described here: … #wordpress

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Integrating Pro v2 with WordPress

I was using WP-SimpleViewer V1.5.4.

Thank you for the instructions for using Kimili. Unfortunately, after downloading and activating it, and clikcking its button on the visual toolbar, the interface appeared completely blank. Only the title bar and the X to close the window appeared. That was very frustrating, and no amount of activating/deactivating seems to address this. I logged in to my WP account from three different PCs and a host of different browsers -- same blank UI.

Any idea what would be causing that?