Topic: image size

I know this sounds like a basic question.
I am using simple viewer to generate a gallery in photoshop cs4.
In the scripts I get a dialogue box.

I can set the maximum image width and depth and I know what I want this to be.
But it also asks me to set an Image size?
What is this? It only requires one number between 300 and 1600?
Surely the image size is already defined by the image width and depth?

Also the images came out quite large. About 400k each. Should I try and resize them in Photoshop>save for web and devices?
I am imagining they should be around 100k each and need to be compressed more?

Hopefully someone will see this with way more knowledge than me and show me how stupid I am being.

Many thanks


Re: image size

Hey Tony,

I've found the best way to do a good looking, fast loading gallery of images is to first work in Photoshop. The first thing I do is change the image size of each picture to 72 ppi resolution and the size of the image box that I'm going to use in SV. So, if my final image is going to display at 500 px, that's what I set as the image size (either horizontal or vertical.) Then use "Save for Web" and set your image quality, etc. Save all your newly edited images in a new folder. Then, open the SV script in Photoshop and do the gallery build. Your pictures should then look exactly like they did in Photoshop when you see them in SV.