Topic: Permissins denied - My server ruins the files


I bought both SimpleViewer and SVManager yesterday, after confirming that my server supports them, using SVMTest. Everything green. No worries.

But after installing/uploading both SimpleViewer and SVManager, things started to go bad.
I'm not able to change/save any settings in SVManager, due to permission-related errors.
And after setting the correct permissions for the folders and files (777 for Root, 755 for folders, and 644 for files), my FTP program starts having trouble with the connection. I take a look at the files through my Administration Control Panel (Plesk), and the permissions for some of the folders are set to 000. And the funny thing is, I'm unable to change them.

Every time I try to change permissions, "and FTP error occurs", and I'm stuck with a bunch of unusable folders on my web server. I'm even unable to delete them.

After a lot of trying and failing, I decided to try out the SVMTest again.
The basic test still shows me green, but file tests are all denied access, and the uploading fails as well. (Statuscode: 500).

So, my web server has denied every form of access to my files.
I've tried contacted my web server host, but I'm still waiting for a solution. So meanwhile, I thought I'd look for answers here.

Any solutions?

Re: Permissins denied - My server ruins the files


sounds you need to resolve the file permissions issue with your webhost.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.