Topic: adobe extension manager on cs4 problem


i tryed to install the simple viwer exe for photoshop cs4

i use 64bit vir

the setup opens the adobe extension manager and says

adobe extension manager: you don't have the appropriate permission  requiered to perform this oparation

can any one advise?

using 64bit cs4 and win7

installed the adobe extension manager patach from the adobe website

Re: adobe extension manager on cs4 problem

For Vista and Windows 7 you need to right click on the simpleviewer plugin and choose run as administrator. … cess-token

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: adobe extension manager on cs4 problem

thanks for the direction, i finaly activated the administrator account manualy, loged off from my user, loged in as administartor, ran the programs then loged in with my acount

An alternative would be to enable or disable the Windows 7 administrator account using the Local Security Policy option. You can open the Local Security Policy by launching secpol.msc from the run box.

You find the option under Local Policies-> Security Options. Just change the setting Accounts: Administrator account by double-clicking the entry.