Topic: Embedding Using Dreamweaver

I am trying to embed a simpleviewer pro gallery in an html document using dreamweaver.

----I created my gallery
----Created a new html document
---- Then attempted to embed the gallery in the .html document following the "Embedding Using Dreamweaver" instructions on the Simpleviewer web site.

(I do not quite understand the parameter instruction *** addition of the new parameter (flashVars) and baseURL=svgallery) I have my html document in the same folder as the gallery.xml and other simpleview files)

When I hit "play" in the Dreamweaver Properties panel I get the following error message.
"Unable to find the plugin that handles this media type.
Dreamweaver looks n both the "Configuration/Plugins" folder, and the plugins folder for each of your installed browsers."

Do I need to put something in my browser?  If so, will I need to let my web visitors know that they need a certain plugin to view my slideshow?