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I really hope someone might help with this. I am using the multiple gallery flash embed example. When I try to view it from the server, on first load SV seems to 'hang' after it has got past the preloader. I have customised my files so in case it was something there I have put up a test using the multiple galleries example. I changed the publish settings to include html and use that html as an index. It does the same thing 'hangs' on first load.

The link is here … eries.html

It works fine on my computer and using flash simulate download.

One thing that is changed is that I copied the gallery1.xml and created a gallery.xml. The reason for this is that on first load for some reason the xml path changes and tries to look for gallery.xml even thought the code is set to loadGallery(1). I realise there is a long post on this issue but no resolve was reached so this is just a work around.

I am crosseyed from looking at it, is it something to do with a connection between the html code and the sv files?

I am using Flash cs4, AS 2, publishing for flash 8 and it hangs on Firefox (mac) and Safari (mac)

please please help,

thanks in advance

Re: Please Help SV 'hangs' when using flash embed

Your galleries load quickly and do not hang in my browsers (Firefox 3.6.2 & IE8, Windows 7 x64, 8Mb broadband).
I did, however, notice that you are not using a Doctype Declaration.  I'd place the following code at the very beginning of your 'multiple_galleries.html' page (immediately before the <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> tag).

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Please Help SV 'hangs' when using flash embed

Thanks monkey boy for your reply,

I think i figured it out in the end trial and error way. It is all connected to the script in the first frame of and to the buggy fact that on first load SV tries to load gallery.xml not gallery1.xml as the script is set out for and has nothing to do with Flash download simulator ( I had posted about these issues independently but realise they are all part of the bigger picture!).

So the fix was this. Firstly for my set up I have aprox 15 galleries numbered 1 - 15, however on load gallery number 1 will load immediately. As SV was trying to look for gallery.xml not gallery1.xml as suggested I simply copied gallery1.xml and named it gallery.xml. So on first load i have avoided the annoying 'gallery not found' issue when you know full well it is there. All this came from studying this post

However the 'fix' that is included threw me off course completely as i could not get it to work. So after a walk and some fresh air I tried a last thing which was to go back to the original script contained in the 1.9 download but put in the

my_container._lockroot  = true;

And it worked voila. So the steps again,

1.Make a copy or the gallery you want to load first and rename it gallery.xml
2.Use the original script that came with but include the line

my_container._lockroot  = true;

It all looks so simple now :)

Re: Please Help SV 'hangs' when using flash embed

My last solution does not work,i wish I could offer a fix, but don;t waste your time.  it just keeps pulling the file gallery.xml regardless of other xml files. My paws are in the air. V1.9 is so buggy its not worth the time unless you use it 'straight out of pack' with little customisation. My other reason for leaving v1.9 alone is the ridiculous preloading issue withe the autoplay which does not have an image wait until the next has loaded. There seems to have been no resolution for the bug in the multiple galleries and no support offered for a fairly dodgy autoplay except the option to move to v2.0 which involves using AS3.

And so there you will find me, hunting around the AS3 forums hoping someone might throw me a bone.