Topic: Turn cursor invisible when zoomed in over a image...

I was using the simple viewer some time ago. Recently both the Tiltviewer Pro and i started using it.
It is great but I do have something that is anoying me slightly and because my knowledge is limited i would need some help.

It's great when it tilts all the thumbnails but when i zoom in on a individual image I would like to position it flat and view it calmly. Unfotunately that is not possible unless your cursor is central to the image, over the image.
I am looking for a way of achieving that. Can anyone help me?

I have got some other tweeks i would like to do like reducing the size of the flip button but there are less important at the moment.

thanks in advance.

Re: Turn cursor invisible when zoomed in over a image...

I am dissaponted that there is no reply to my post. It would have been good the at least the moderators to aknowledge or address this problem.
Obviously in this version that has not been noticed by anyone.

One more thing that i have noticed it is slightly anoying.

On a Mac when you in Full screen mode and atempt to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll through the zoomed images the brawser crashesh. Very unussual. Can someone seggest why would that be happening.