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Hello and sorry for my bad english. I live in Belgium.
I try to take off the frame (or border ?) not around the thumbs or images but around all th simpleviewer.
The background color of my site is black. The bg color of my simpleviewer is black too.
Then you see all around simpleviewer a grey (or white) border of 800x600. Can I take that off or change the color of this border in black ?
Thank you.
ps If you can write in french it's better for me or use easy english words please.

Re: frame color

Do you have a URL we can take a look at? If you feel are having issues with English you could also try google translate.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Sorry it's not online yet. But here is a printscreen :

Thanks :D

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Try adding this to the head of your HTML

<style type="text/css" media="screen">
    object { outline:none; }
Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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hello and thank you for your suggestion
but it don't go ...

Maybe it's my fault because I'm not a "pro of the net" and I don't use generally Html.
Then maybe I write the code in a wrong place.
I use Dreamweaver in "creation mode" and Flash a little bit.
Now I've try checking the begin of my site online and the URL is :

There you can see the grey border I want to take off.

When you say : adding this code to the head of my HTML ... that's in my page_photos_1 or in the index page of Simpleviewer ?
And where exactly ?

Excuse me for the idiot questions but as I say you before I'm just an amateur !!

I must to go travel now till monday night then I can give you answers before.

But thank you to look after my problem.


Re: frame color

Add the attribute frameborder="0" to your <iframe> tag, ie:

<iframe src="sv_1.html" name="zone1" height="600" width="800" frameborder="0">
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: frame color

Thank you very much to monkeyboy. I am just coming back at home and try your suggestion. Super all is ok.
It looks so simple when you know it !!
Once more : thank you !

Just an other little question not so important but if it's possible to do it better ....
When you are in the page
and you click for to have ....
THE FIRST TIME and only the first time you do that : one second just before the download of simpleviewer you have a grey sv screen (in Firefox) or a white sv screen (in IE).
After, when you do it back ... no more problem... the background stay black.
Is it normal ?
But I say it's not very important.