Topic: "Automatic" set-up not showing new images on serve


I can't see new images on the server aftering following the "Automatic via Web Server Script" directions for the simpleviewer.  It shows the original test image with the file, and repeated as it is in the XML - but none of my test images. 

The directions say nothing about messing with the XML... which I thought was the point of it, as noted in the directions:  "The script will generate the XML file and thumbnails required by SimpleViewer."

Images are not progressive JPEGs, so that's not the problem.  What else am I am missing, short of manually listing the images in the XML?

Anyone have a solution?

Re: "Automatic" set-up not showing new images on serve

Please check the FAQ, Q5: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.